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111.Places Launch

SW4 launch the prestigious 111 Places guide, commissioned by German publisher Emons Verlag GmbH, and produced with international arts critic, Michael Glover who regularly writes for the Times, Financial Times, New Statesment and Economist. Within days of publication, the guide was Listed as the No. 1 Family Travel guide and No.1 Travel publicaton for the North & North East England on Amazon. The guide sold out on Amazon in the first week, and is one of the fastest selling guides in the series.


All photography has been provided by SW4, described by Emons as simply 'stunning'. A range of 40 prints, exclusive to SW4 can be seen here.

Goodwood.Revival Arrival

SW4 have  completed work on their film of Lansdowne Classic Motorbike Champion Seb Perez competing in this year's iconic Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy. The exclusive invitational only 1960's period event is hosted at the Goodwood Revival, the greatest celebration of classic motor sport on the planet. The hotly contested two rider race draws champions from across the globe to compete over two days, begining with a Le Mans style sprint across the track for the bikes.  Perez, and champion team-mate Scott Smart - nephew to racing legend Barry Sheene, wowed the crowds and made their mark with an acclaimed performance at the September meeting. SW4 are working with partners in Los Angeles and Beijing and due to announce a release date shortly.



SW4 primarily develop music to sync with TV and film, and recently attended the flagship LA Sync Mission with the British Phonographic Institute, Department For International Trade and Music Publishers Association to Los Angeles. The event, hosted in West Hollywood's Capitol Studios was a rare occasion to mix with such a vast range of film, TV & music industry contacts in one room, and attend the odd garden party hosted by the British Consul. SW4 have worked with artists from The Clash, Human League, Jarvis Cocker, Del Amitri, Richard Hawley, Longpigs, & The Damned, amongst others.


1. Soho Lanes - SW4MUSIC
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Shangri-La - SW4MUSIC
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Lip Gloss - SW4MUSIC
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4. Don't Step On My Heart - SW4MUSIC
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5. Perfume - SW4MUSIC
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1. Let It Roll - SW4MUSIC
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2. Another Kinda Love - SW4MUSIC
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3. Last Night - SW4MUSIC
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4. Friends For Life - SW4MUSIC
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5. Lost At Sea - SW4MUSIC
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1. Lovers - SW4MUSIC
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2. Beauty - SW4MUSIC
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3. Open Plains - SW4MUSIC
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4. The One I Love - SW4MUSIC
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5. Everyone Still Has A Heart - SW4MUSIC
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Unbowed 1 - SW4MUSIC
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Unbowed 2 - SW4MUSIC
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Unbowed 3 - SW4FILM
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1. Chinese underground music documentary. Follows the legends and young pretenders in the exploding alternative indie/punk scene.

2. Mr Tim's Better Living series, starring twice London Leicester Square Comedian of the Year.

3. Disturbing post WWI factual thriller.





4. Modern day immigrant thriller/dark comedy (another true story) - with some parallels to Slumdog Millionaire.


5. Black comedy on the current recession, which is currently in collaboration with affiliates from  CH4, Loaded Magazine, and Soho Films.


6. A music based cult web series, being piloted with the London division of Raindance Film. The series is already proving to be a great hit with metal industry music insiders and national UK journalists.




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